WATER JOCKS2   20 Photos
WATER JOCKS2   20 PhotosWATER JOCKS2   20 PhotosWATER JOCKS2   20 PhotosWATER JOCKS2   20 Photos


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Andreas has worked with adult production companies including Diamond Pictures, Clair Production, and Falcon Studios. He is extremely well rounded and has performed in videos which involve 19 categories. These run the range from threesomes to college fraternity studs , and big cocks.

 Andreas Harris has starred with a number of stars which include Gary Malkovich, Charles Cromenberg and Julio Carillo. He has appeared in 5 videos with Kevin Cage; the most of any of him costars. Their most recent joint effort, Muscle Racing, became available in 2012 by Diamond Pictures. The list of videos in which they have performed together also includes Empire of Caesar (All Worlds Video), Passions Of War Part 4 - Maneuvers (Bluelagoon Entertainment), and Hot Racing Part 1 (Diamond Pictures).

The collection of films in which Andreas is featured contains Bikers Love Part 1, Hot Racing Part 1 and Muscled Military Men 6. The majority of his movies are part of a series. The list of film series in which Karl has acted includes Falcon International, Muscled Military Men and Breeding The Twinks.